Supply chain management

TOP SYSTEM: Inventory management of C-parts

At Ferrofast, we focus on three strategic pillars: the standard fastening tecnique, the inventory managment of C-parts and the purchase of special products. We strive for quality and efficiency, which is why we have set up our own "TOP SYSTEM'' to optimally meet the needs of the customer. The basis of the C-Parts Management is a Kanban system and offers a good solution for your internal logistical issues. The advantage of this
TWO-BIN system is that we take care of your inventory management of fasteners, so you can focus on your core business.


The TWO-BIN system is a logistical inventory system within Kanban. The origins of this system lie in Japan in the 1950s at the world's largerst car manufacturer: Toyota. The Kanaban system is on the method to achieve Just-In-Time (JIT) production and therefore lends itself perfectly to lean manufacturing. The goal of this JIT production is to perfectly combine product, timing and quantity. In other words, producing with just what is needed, at the time when it is needed and with the number that is needed. In practice, this means that it is possible to produce continuously with thousands of different types of products without building large bulk stocks. 

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TOP SYSTEM: Expansion assortment

In order to further optimize the production process, Ferrofast allows you to expand your standard rang of C-parts with special products. These specials are threated just like your standard fasteners when integrated in the TOP SYSTEM. The advantage of this is that you can continue to produce constantly without having to worry about the stock of these special products. The specials are offered under our brand: "REDCIRCLE". When integrating our private label, the quality requirements of the customer are taken into account. To ensure quality, good relationships are maintained with products and suppliers all over the world. In addition to our REDCIRCLE-specials, we also offer the possibility to combine various brand items in the TOP SYSTEM.

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TOP SYSTEM: Access Online

Besides that Ferrofast ensures that we can produce the stock of your C-parts, we have also developed an online management tool.
Access Online tool gives you extra insight into the products that belong to your assortment. The Access online tool is a supplement to the 
TOP SYSTEM with which you can view the details of your articles online at any time of the day. In addition to the product data, you will also find more specific dat such as: your own article number, bin filling and the location of the bin in your company. You can alos download decreases and location overviews so that a part of your administration has been cared for by Ferrofast.

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TOP SYSTEM: Electronic Data Interchange E.D.I

E.D.I stands for Electronic Data Interchange, the electronic exchange of data. In practice, E.D.I. is more than sending an e-mail, which in a way is also the electronic exchange of data. The term E.D.I. is used to connect the customer's computer system to the supplier's computer system. This link is used for the exchange of company documents, such as: order information, orders and invoices. The information from your computer system goed directly to the computer system of FERROFAST, there is no human interference whitin the process. This results in a reduction of personnel costs, minimization of (human) errors and a reduced / efficient stock level.

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