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C-parts Management with Ferrofast

Integration of C-parts whitin the TWO-BIN system

One of our strategic pillars is the "TOP SYSTEM". This is C-Parts Management based on a Kanban system and offers a good solution for your internal logistic issues. The advantage of this TWO-BIN system is that we take care of your inventory, so you can focus on your core business.

We make efficient use of the available options such as distribution capacity, inventory and manpower to meet the needs of the customer. This means that by means of a Just In Time (JIT) technique we can optimize your production level and ensure that the products you select are always in stock, without you having to spend a lot of time, money and energy searching for suitable suppliers. The available stock offers the possibility for a constant production without having to install bulk stocks.

If changes occur during production, that is not a problem. With the TOP SYSTEM, the range can be expanded at any time and we always look for the most cost-efficient solution. The range can be extended with
C-items with a relatively low cost price per piece, brand items or specials. As a result, standard products, brand items and specials are always in stock while inventory costs remain minimal.

Internal situation Ferrofast

In agreement with the customer, it is agreed on what days an employe of Ferrofast will place the containers in the racks and take the empty containers back to Ferrofast. Upon arrival, the Ferrofast employee runs a fixed route through the warehouse. During this route, the driver walks off all production lines where a rack of Ferrofast is placed to place the filled bins and to see if there are any empty bins. The bins are collected and go back to Ferrofast to be filled again.

At Ferrofast the bins are sorted and thanks to the clear labels on the bins the internal employees can see at a glance which customer and from wich production line the bins are originated. The bins are scanned per line and the contents are collected. We do this in order to offer the customer an overview per line so that he can see exactly how much, when, where is delivered. Because the bins are assembled per production line, it is possible to include comments or details per production line during the composition of the shipment.

Each bin contains labels with: 
the description of the articlearticle code of the customer and the location within the customer's organization. These labels help both the employee at Ferrofast aswell as the employee of the customer's organization.

Care and racking TWO-BIN

To make the process of placing the bins as smooth and fast as possible, Ferrofast works with a clear location system where the bins can be found quickly. This offers advantages for both the employee at the customer and the employee of Ferrofast because then the right product can be found without any detailed product knowledge.

There are several shelves in the production lines within your organization, each of which has its own letter. Logically, the first rack A, the second rack B etc. On each layer in the rack, 7 boxes fit next to each other and 2 behind each other.

The 2 trays, which are placed one behind the other, on the bottom layer to the left of the first rack are given the location:
A11, A is the first rack, 1 is the bottom layer and the second 1 stands for the first bin of this rack. The container next to it is A12 and the bucket above it A21. A maximum of 9 layers fit into a rack.

Count of the TWO-BIN bins

In the case of the racks in the rack in addition, the count is the same, however, the letters change from A to e.g. B or (example above ). When there are multiple production lines, each production line has its own name or number. For example, an item can be found on 'Production line 1, rack C32'  and another item on 'Production line 2, rack C32'. Usually in this case we prefer for somewhat easier to distinguish names (e.g. the name of the product being assembled on the relevant production line) to avoid confusion.

In addition, it is possible to choose a different color tray per rack so that the customer can see at the bottom of the rack which rack it belongs to. Each bin is given a sticker with the location in the rack, so that it can be seen at a glance in which rack the bin belongs.