The online exchange of ordering information, orders and invoices


EDI means Electronic Data Interchange. In practice, EDI goes beyond sending an email, which also is a way of electronically exchanging information. The term EDI is used for linking the customers’ computer system with the system of the supplier. This link is primarily being used for exchanging corporate documents like ordering information, orders and invoices.

Of course, this leads to savings in paper use; however, the bigger advantage is not having to enter information from your computer system in e-mails, faxes or letters. The information from your computer system flows directly in Ferro Fast’s system, without human interference. Naturally, this lowers personnel costs considerably and it minimizes the chance of (human) mistakes.

All our systems are also applicable in combination.  These are aimed at keeping stock levels as low and efficient as possible. After all, keeping stock can lead to obsolescence, it can seize an unnecessary part of the cash flow which cannot be used for production purposes, and it uses space that could be arranged for production.

Advantages of EDI: