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Project orders

Separate orders – besides deliveries via TOP-SYSTEM Ferro Fast can also service you with separate orders. Separate orders can be particularly suitable when you maintain your own stock of fasteners. When your organization does a lot of project-based work project orders provide a well-suited solution.
Project orders are composite orders that contain the complete package of fastener technology for a certain project. Ferro Fast weighs the exact amount determined by you for each ordered article in order to limit obsolescence and make sure you are not without material during the project. Besides that, we label each package with information relevant for you and possibly your logo. Moreover, we package the ordered articles in coli which are labeled with your references as well. The biggest advantage of a project order is you do not have any stocking costs. You plan a project for a certain date and we make sure the necessary fastener technology arrives Just-In-Time.

Other savings are possible as well. For instance, you can reduce your storage room. Moreover, you decrease purchasing costs because you do not need to order full packages. This limits articles that remain ‘on the shelf’ after they have been used once. Besides that, you can achieve savings in personnel costs since you do not need an internal order collector for fasteners. Finally, it is possible to link your IT with Ferrofast’s via E.D.I. to achieve an optimal data exchange.

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