Bolts hexagon head: Tapping bolts, Flange bolts, Fitting bolts & Pre-tensioning bolts

Ferrofast has an extensive range of different types of bolts with matching material, surface treatment, pitch (wire) and head design (hexagon bolts, flange bolts, tap bolts, fitting bolts, pre-tensioning bolts, etc.). The bolts are manufactured according to international standards such as ISODIN and EN. Our range includes DIN 933DIN 931DIN 601DIN 609DIN 6921DIN 7968DIN 7990ISO 4014ISO 4017 and more.

Bolts various head shapes: Cylinder bolts, Three-headed bolts, Lock bolts & Hammer head bolts

Ferrofast has an extensive range of different types of bolts with matching material, surface treatment, pitch (wire) and head design (cylinder bolts, three-sided bolts, lock bolts, hammer head bolts, square bolts etc.). The bolts are manufactured according to international standards such as ISODIN and EN. Our range includes: DIN 186BDIN 261DIN 478DIN 480DIN 603DIN 787DIN 15237DIN 22424HALFEN-RCP 88938 and more.

Hexagon socket screws and Torx screws: Ball head screws, Cylinder head screws & Retighting screws

At Ferrofast we have an extensive range of different types of screws with hexagon and torx drive. Various roundhead screws, cylinder head screws, slide screws, bolt cylinder head screws and ball head screws in stock. Available in matching material, surface treatment, strengths, pitch (wire) and head design. These screws are available in DIN and ISO standard. Our range includes: DIN 912DIN 965DIN 7984DIN 7985TDIN 7991ISO 4762ISO 10642ISO 7379f9ISO7379h8 and more.

Metric screws: Toggle screws, Metal screws, Adjustment screws & Wing screws

We can deliver all your cylinder head screws with torx and hexagon drive. Various screws: Metal screws, Knurled screws, Wing screws, Cylinder head screws, Adjusting screws, Toggle screws & Security screws. The screws are available according to DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards and are available in different types of materials and surface treatments. Our range includes: DIN 404DIN 417DIN 427DIN 444BDIN 551DIN 963DIN 966ISO 1207ISO 4027A88107 and more.

Nuts: Hexagon nuts, Cap nuts, Lock nuts, Wing nuts & elding nuts

Within this group you can choose from a wide range of nuts with different types of materials, surface treatments, sizes and coil (wire). The nuts are available according to DINEN and ISO standards. Various nuts: Spacers, Shackle nuts, Locknuts, cap nuts, thread bushes,plungers, flange nuts, slotted nuts, needle nuts, weld nuts, wing nuts, wheel nuts and hexagon nuts. Our range includes: DIN 934DIN 1587DIN 466DIN 315DIN 936DIN 929DIN 7967ISO 4032ISO 10511 and more.

Washers: Flat washers, Sealing washers, Spring washers, Lock washers & Closing plates

At Ferrofast you can find washers in the most diverse shapes, diameters, materials and surface treatments. Various washers: flat washers, sealing washers, spring washers, lock washers, disc spring washers, washers and closing plates. The washers are available in DINISO and EN standards. Our range includes: DIN 125ADIN 127BDIN 9021,DIN 433DIN 472DIN 93DIN 7980ISO 7090ISO 7089 and more.

Pins & Keys: Rivets, Nickel pins, Split pins, Clevis pins & Feather keys

Ferrofast offers a wide range of pins and keys in various sizes, surface treatments and materials such as: aluminum, copper, composition metal, stainless steel, steel and spring steel. Our range includes: DIN 662DIN 1476DIN 660DIN 661DIN 94DIN 7DIN 1472DIN 6885ISO 1234 and more.

Screws in wood: Back wall screws, Construction screws, Wood threaded bolts & Wood screws

Our range of screws for wood consists of both screws from our own brand Redcircle Products (RCP) and screws from various brands. The screws are available in various types, sizes, materials and surface treatments. Thanks to our partners in the Far East, we can supply various products with the RCP logo, which guarantees good quality for a low price. Our range includes: DIN 95DIN 96DIN 97DIN 571A88024A88026A88432A88433RCP 88091 and more.

Screws in plaster: Fast construction screws

At Ferrofast you will find the most suitable screws for use in plaster. The screws are available on belt or separately, you can choose for screws that are pitch fine or coarse. Screws in plaster cut faster through plaster than a regular screw. Available with a "Phillips Trimhead" or a "Phillips Trumpet Head". Our range includes screws with the following surface treatments: STEEL-PHOSPHATEDSTEELL-ZINC of STEEL-ZINC FLAKE.

Screws in plastic: PT-Screws-wire angle 30 degrees & PT-Screws-wire angle 45 degrees

At Ferrofast you will find a selection of our standard package of screws suitable for plastic. The screws are available with a wire angle of 30 degrees or 45 degrees. In our assortment of plastic screws you can choose the following surface treatments: STAINLESS STEEL A2STAINLESS STEEL A2 BLACKSTEEL CURVED GALVANIZEDSTEEL-ZINCED or STEEL-BLACK.

Screws in Sheet Steel: With a spire & Without a spire

Our range of screws in sheet steel consists of both screws with spire or screws without a spire. The screws are available in various types, sizes, materials and surface treatments. Our range includes: DIN 7912DIN 7976CDIN 7981CHDIN 7982CTISO 14585CISO 14586FISO 1479CISO 7050CHRCP 88115 and more.

Self-drilling screws: Drilling screws according to ISO & Wing-set screws

Ferrofast has a wide range of self-drilling screws with different head shapes such as phillips cross, squaredrive, torx or with an external hex. Self-drilling screws have a sharp drill point, making them easy to drill / screw through thin steel. Our range includes: DIN 7504KMDIN 7504NSDIN 7504PHDIN 7504QHDIN 7504RHISO 15480ISO 15481H and ISO 15482H.

Self-cutting screws: Thread-cutting screws according to DIN-ISO

Screws that are self-cutting are often used in cast iron and thicker steel. The advantage of these screws is that they can cut wire through the cutting point itself. Ferrofast supplies steel screws with an electrolytic zinc treatment. The screws can be ordered with different head shapes and drives such as phillips, torx, hexagonal or with a saw slot. Our range includes: DIN 7513ADIN 7513BDIN 7516AEDIN 7516AMDIN 7516DDIN 7516DE and DIN 7516E.

Self-Threading screws: TT screws

Ferrofast has a wide range of self-thread forming screws with different head shapes such as pozidrive, torx or with an external hexagon. Self-tapping screws have a flat drill tip, making them ideal to combine metal parts. Our range includes: DIN 7500CTDIN 7500CZDIN 7500DDIN 7500EDIN 7500MTDIN 7500MZ.

Roof and Façade screws : DakISO screws, Facade screws, Wave roof screws & Panel screws

Ferrofast has an extensive range of screws that are intended for use in roofs and façades. This range consists of roof ISO screws, façade screws, wave roof screws and panel screws in stainless steel A2. The screws for roof and facade have a characteristic sharp point and are available in different sizes. Our range includes: RCP 88045RCP 88176RCP 72450RCP 72453 and RCP 72553.

Threaded rods & Brackets: Studs, Wire clamps, Brackets and Threaded rods

At Ferrofast you can choose from a wide range of threaded products. Ferrofast has various types high quality threaded products in stock and you can choose from different sizes, materials, surface treatments and pitch (wire). Our range includes: DIN 975DIN 938DIN 939DIN 835 and more.

Hoisting, Clamps & Hooks: Eye bolts, Eye nuts, D-shackles, Span swivels & Steel wire clamps

This group contains products such as: hooks, eyebolts, eye nuts, D-shackles, span glands and steel wire clamps. The products are available in both stainless steel as steel-zinc. Different surface treatments can be applied. Our range includes: DIN 580DIN 582DIN 1480DIN 741DIN 1478 and more.

Blind rivet technique: Blind rivet bolts, Blind rivets & Blind rivet nuts

In addition to the range of standard fasteners, Ferrofast also offers a wide range of products within the blind riveting technique. Ferrofast supplies blind rivets (pop rivets) and open and closed blind rivet nuts. Available in various types, materials, diameters and sizes. These blind rivets can be used as an alternative for screw and weld connections. Our range includes: DIN 7337ADIN 7337CISO 15977, ISO 15978ISO15979, ISO 15983 and more.

Anchoring: Light & Heavy

Within the group anchoring you can find an overview of the light and heavy Fischer anchorages that are in stock. These items can be delivered quickly and each contain a comprehensive brochure at product level with information such as applications and dimensions. With our assortment of anchoring you can choose the following surface treatments:  PLASTIC, COMPOSITION STEELOTHERSTAINLESS STEEL A2STAINLES STEEL A4STEEL-ZINC and STEEL-ZINC THERMAL.

Cable clamps, Pipe clamps & Hose clamps: Clips, Tyraps, Clamping plates, Pipe clamps & Hose clamps

In addition to the standard fastening materials, Ferrofast also has a wide range of cable clamps, pipe clamps, tyraps, clamping plates, P-Clips and hose clamps. These clamps can be ordered in various sizes, materials and surface treatments and are all of high quality. Our range includes: DIN 3017DIN 3567DIN 3568 and more.

Springs: Tension springs 

In addition to the range of standard fasteners, Ferrofast also supplies tension springs with different tension forces. Ferrofast supplies springs with stainless steel (RVS) en galvanized steel. Our range includes: DIN 2097_3.

UNC-UNF-WW-INCHFIJN EN-LEFT: Adjusting screws, Sealing plugs, Banjo bolts, Threaded rods, Nuts, Bolts & Grease nipples

In addition to the wide range of standard metric fasteners, Ferrofast also stocks various fasteners with a different pitch. For example, products with a metric fine, coarse or left-hand pitch can be ordered and Ferrofast also has products manufactured according to international standards. Some examples are the American and Canadian Unified Thread Standard (UNC, UNF) and the British British Standard Whitworth (WW). Our range includes: DIN 912DIN 934DIN 933DIN 975ISO 10512ISO 10513 and more.

Tools & Grease Nipples: Toggle screws, Toggle nuts, Allen wrenches, Grease nipples, Snake eyes & L-keys

You can also contact Ferrofast for tools and grease nipples. Our range offers various tools and grease nipples that you can order according to DIN standard. Our range of tools and grease nipples includes: DIN 3405DIN 6305DIN 6306DDIN 6911DIN 911 and more.

Glues, Sealants & Aerosols: Loctite, RX2 & Soudal

At Ferrofast you can order a wide range of glues, sealants and aerosols. The assortment ranges from plastic and elastic sealants from Soudal or various adhesives and aerosols from: Loctite and RX2. On this page you can find information about the brands.