Supply Chain Management


At Ferro Fast, we focus on three strategic pillars: standardized fastener technology, inventory management of C-parts and supply chain management of special products. We strive for quality and efficiency, which is why we have set up our own TOP-SYSTEM to optimally meet the needs of our customers. The basis of the C-parts management is a Kanban system and offers a good solution for your companies’ internal logistical issues. The advantage of this TWO-BIN system is that we take care of your companies’ inventory management of fasteners, so you can focus on your core business.

Stock orders

Besides deliveries via the TOP-SYSTEM, Ferro Fast can also be of service for separate orders. Stock orders are particularly suitable if your company wants to manage its own inventory of fasteners. If there is a lot of project-based work within your organization project orders provide a good solution.

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Assortment expansion

In addition to the standardized fastener technology you purchase at Ferro Fast we offer the possibility to expand your assortment with special products under the name REDCIRCLE. Ferro Fast can take over the entire Supply Chain of these products. You deliver a drawing with specifications and quality demands to Ferro Fast and we look for the most suitable producer within our expansive network of suppliers.

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Electronic Data Interchange

Electronic Data Interchange, or EDI, is the electronic exchange of data. In practice, EDI goes beyond sending an e-mail, which also is an electronic exchange of information. The term EDI is used to describe the linking of the computer systems of customer and supplier. This link is primarily used for exchanging corporate documents like order information, orders and invoices.

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