Management Tool: Access Online

Insight into your product information at any time of the day

Besides the fact that Ferro Fast ensures you can produce without having to keep an eye on stock levels of your C-parts, we also have developed a management tool: Access Online. This tool provides extra insights in products you purchase at Ferro Fast and is an addition to the TOP SYSTEM. You can view information of your articles, online, each moment of the day. In this way, next to product data, you find more specific data like your article number, bin stock level and location of the bin within your company. You can also download the historic demand information and overview of the locations which means Ferro Fast takes over a small part of your administration.
Customers who use the TWO-BIN System can login online and view the articles they purchase at Ferro Fast. These articles contain extensive information like:

  • Your own article code;
  • Ferro Fast’s article code;
  • An extensive article description (yours and ours);
  • The location(s) of these articles within your organization;
  • The stock level;
  • The possibility to download an Excel file with the total overview of all articles you purchase at Ferro Fast.
  • The possibility to download an overview of the purchase history per article.

Impression of Access Online

The images underneath provide an impression of the data you can view as a TOP-SYSTEM customer.
Access Online provides the opportunity to navigate quickly between different products and shows the location of each product within your organization. Any additions or adaptions are updated regularly in order for you to have insight in deliveries and the assortment chosen by you.

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