E.D.I. Electronic Data Interchange

Online exchange of order information, orders & accounts

E.D.I. stands for Electronic Date Interchange, the electronic exchange of data. In practice, E.D.I. is more than sending an e-mail, which is of course is also the electronic exchange of data. The term E.D.I. is used to connect the customer's computer system to the supplier's computer system. This link is mainly used for the exchange of business documents such as ordering information, orders and invoices.

Of course, this involves savings of paper, but even greater is the advantage of not having to enter the information from your computer system in an e-mail, fax or letter. The information from your computer system goes directly into the computer system of
FERROFAST, no human intervention is required. Naturally this lowers staff costs considerably, and also minimizes the chance of (human) errors.

All our systems can also be used in a combination. These are aimed at keeping the stock level as low and as efficient as possible. After all, keeping stock is risk-bearing (obsolete), seizes capital that can not be used for production purposes and seizes space that could be set up for production.

Benefits of E.D.I: