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Expansion assortment

An optimal stock of specials, brands and standard items


In order to optimize the production process, Ferrofast offers you the possibility to expand your standard range of C articles with your own special products. These specials are treated just like your standard fasteners when integrated in the Top System.

This means that Ferrofast ensures that you can produce constantly without having to worry about the stock of these special products. When integrating Redcircle into the Top System, the quality requirements of the customer are taken into account first and foremost. Ferrofast attaches great importance to quality and has a wide network of qualified producers from both Europe and Asia. Thanks to our years of experience with outsourcement, good relations are maintained with producers and suppliers all over the world. Personal visits and inspections are considered to be an important characteristic in meeting the quality requirements.


Available brands:

In addition to expanding the assortment with specials, we also offer the possibility to combine brand items in the Top System. Here, brand items are purchased in a way that is cost-efficient and delivered to the production line. Above you will find a selection of the brands that we can supply.