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TWO-BIN / Kanban system

Integration of the TWO-BIN process within your organization


The TWO-BIN system is a logistical stock system within Kanban. The origins of this system lie in Japan in the 1950s with the world's largest car manufacturer: Toyota. The Kanban system is one of the methods to achieve Just-In-Time (JIT) production and therefore lends itself perfectly to lean-manufacturing. The goal of this JIT production is the perfect combination of product, timing and quantity. In other words, producing with only what is needed, at the time when it is needed and with the number that is needed. In practice, this means that there can be produced continuously with thousands of different types of products without having to build large bulk stocks.

Because the two bin system is a pull
production system, the JIT benefits can be guaranteed. Within your organization, racks are built up in which two trays of each product are placed. These racks can be placed in such a way that they connect per production line or workplace, or a central location can be chosen. Both options have their advantages. At these locations, only the products that are used within the part of the production process where the rack is located. This prevents a product from being unnecessarily stocked at multiple locations within your organization and the distance between product and production line is kept to a minimum. The products are in two bins with the front as a grab stock and the rear as a reserve stock. The stock of these bins is determined on the basis of history and prognoses on demand (week / month), product value, delivery frequency and collection distribution, whereby the contents of both bins guarantees continuous production.

When the front bin of the picking stock is empty, it is picked up by Ferrofast. In order not to let production stop, the back container of the reserve stock is pushed forward and becomes the new grab stock. In the meantime, production can continue undisturbed and the bin collected by Ferrofast is filled and delivered again. This bin will now be placed in the empty place behind the current grab stock until the moment it is empty; then the container moves forward and repeats the process.

To make the process of placing the bins as smooth and fast as possible, Ferrofast works with a clear location system where the bin can be found quickly. This offers advantages for both the employee of the customer and the employee of Ferrofast because then the right product can be found without any detailed product knowledge.

Conceptual representation of the TWO-BIN process: