Explanation of the webshop

Order your fastening materials easily and quick via our webshop!


To order your fasteners even easier and faster you can use our webshop. In the webshop you can easily search for the article you need and the clear color system allows you te see at a glance which item you are dealing with and which technical characteristics this article has.

At the top of the page you will see three steps that you can go through to get to the desired article. It is possible to search more specifically for standard (DIN, ISO or EN) or material & surface threatment. In addition, keywords can be searched for all articles. Our webshop shows which types of materials, surface threatments and head shapes are distinguished. This information is explained per article in the form of an image to avoid ambiguities. The images of the articles are divided into boxes. Together with the color system, these boxes give an explanation about the article. So you will be able to see within seconds what article you are dealing with and navigate tot the article you are looking for. Below is a visual representation of the search and filter options that you can use in the webshop.

Did you find the right article?

When you have found the right item you can select the dimensions and immediately see the price of the desired packaging and place it in the shopping cart. Would you like to wait with ordering? Then you can temporarily put the items in the favorites list by pressing the  button. Your favorite items will be stored here and you can easily find them on your next visit to the webshop. In the menu bar at the top you see the Mijn Account symbol. Here you can log into your own account and you have insights into orders and products that you have ordered in the past.

How can I create an account?
If you want to mak an account then you can create one by placing an order. You can register yourself after confirming your first order in the shopping basket. With the button "I AM NEW" you can register as a new customer. You will then be asked to leave your address details and to create a username and password.